Rev. Dr. Anna May (The Universal Light)

Founder & Principal of Mayastar Academy of

Natural Healing & Spiritual Development

Registered Healer & Accredited Teacher

(International Natural Healers Association)

Registered Metaphysician & Accredited Teacher (World Metaphysical Association)

Ordained Minister & Doctor of Divinity in The Universal Light


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, New Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Ma'heo'o Reiki Master/Teacher, Lemurian Facilitator, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Ethereal Crystals Healing Master/Teacher, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Master/Teacher, Universal Rays Master/Teacher, Run Valdr Master/Teacher,

S.A.C. Dip (Crystal Healing Practitioner), S.A.C. Dip (N.L.P.), S.A.C. Dip (Hand Reflexology) S.A.C. Dip (Meditation), S.A.C. Dip (Colour Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Intra-Focal Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Integrated Therapeutic Counselling)



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Mayastar Academy
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Mayastar and Anna Louise May (Maya) Accreditation
Mayastar Academy is a professional academy of natural healing and spiritual development. All courses are accredited by the World Metaphysical Association; and as a registered member of the International Natural Healers Association, the quality of your tuition is assured.
On completion of any Mayastar Academy course, the successful student is automatically eligible to become a registered healer with the International Natural Healers Association should they wish. They may also become a registered metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association.




2021 Updates: This year, the Mayastar website will be updated. These updates are due to take effect between the end of May and the beginning of July & will see the courses on the Archive Menu deleted. These courses have been selected for retirement to make way for newly channelled options. Until then, you can purchase courses from the Archive Menu here.






Mayastar Academy

of Natural Healing &

Spiritual Development



MD & Principal:

Rev. Dr. Anna Louise May DD



20 Woodstock Cres

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8th July 2021


Student Count: 3162

Qualifications Awarded: 9735

Complete List of Courses Channelled by Maya


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For advice on which courses to choose, please email me and I will be pleased to assist you.

Advanced Qualifications | Diplomas, Degrees & Doctorates

EXCLUSIVE TO MAYASTAR: "The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork" is a 220-page eBook included with every course to provide a foundation in energy healing & spiritual development. This ensures Mayastar courses are suitable for beginners & those new to working with energy.

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Amara Omni Empowerment

Angel Light Initiations

Angel Lightworker Program

Archangelic Flames    

Ascended Masters Attunements

Ascension Reiki Course 1-10
Avalonian Alignment Programme
Avalonian Ascension Connections
Avalonian Spectral Activations

Celestial Encodings 1-9 Complete Package (Pleiadian Attunements)

Chakra Healing Attunements

Colours of Angels

Crystal Rose Attunement

Dolphin Heart Reiki

Elemental Pentagram & Magick Circle Empowerments   

Energy Anatomy Diploma (12 detailed assignments)

Ethereal Crystals Healing System

Eye of Horus Activation

Fairy LightWorker Program

Kundalini Reiki & Boosters  

Lemurian Facilitator & Seed Crystals 1-4            

Lemurian Indigo Connections

Ma'heo'o Reiki (Native American)

Magickal Crystal LightWorker

Magickal LightWorker Program

Magickal Shaman Lightworker

New Usui Reiki Energies

Orb of Life

Planets Attunement Package

Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme  

2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections 1-7      

Protection Healing Orb

Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique Attunement 

Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Rún Valdr - healing & magic with the ancient Norse Runes

Seven Facets Seichim

(Egyptian Reiki)                      

Star of Avalon Ascension Connections Course   

Violet Flame of St Germain      

Weight Loss Reiki                 


Mayastar Academy was founded in 2004 to provide distance energy healing and spiritual development courses. All attunements are individually prepared by Maya using the Orb of Life/Chi-Ball method which allows students to receive their attunements at their own rate. You can read about how attunements work here.


When you order from Mayastar, your course materials are sent to you by email within 12 hours (usually within minutes!). And attunements are sent within 3 days. An Certificate of Achievement is issued when your attunements are set up. You have the option to upgrade to a Diploma Certificate through payment of the administration fee of £20 & the submission of a 300-word essay about your chosen modality, and 3 case studies to demonstrate your experience and understanding. You can read about how Mayastar courses work here.


Maya's "Book of Inspiration" is supplied to all students as part of the study materials for every Mayastar course. This collection of essays includes detailed guidance on personal spiritual practice, energy anatomy, prayer, meditation, quantum healing, the structure & hierarchy of the spiritual dimension, the Age of Aquarius, light-beings & guides, angels, the Harmonic Convergence & much, much more! This 220-page eBook provides a grounding in spiritual philosophy & practice that gives beginner a broad base of understanding & offers inspiration, support and guidance.


Degree & Doctoral Programmes are also available! Choose from the Course Category Menus on the right-hand side of the website; from these you can select the Advanced Diploma Packages that contribute to the Energy Healer Degree, Master of Energy Healing Degree & Doctor of Energy Healing Degree Programmes. You can read more about this option here...


I (Maya)  have been practicing energy work, ritual healing, magick & shamanism for over 30 years. If you would like the benefit of my expertise in selecting the courses and options that would best support and enhance your spiritual journey, please email me detailing your current level of experience and spiritual goals & I'll be happy to make tailored recommendations.


Personalised course packages confer a discount of 20% for 3 or more options purchased together; 25% for 6 or more options and 30% for 10 or more options. To benefit from this discount, please email me with your order and I will send you a Paypal request reflecting the reduced fee. Personalised packages can include options from Mayastar Academy and Maya Magickal Spells


If you have no experience with energy healing or spiritual practice, I recommend you start your journey with Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Usui Reiki is the optimal foundation for all energy healing work! Its structured techniques support beginners and provide a framework to build upon in the future. Options that combine extremely well with Usui Reiki include: Ethereal Crystals Healing, Violet Flame Attunement, Archangelic Flames, Crystal Rose, Rainbow Sequence Healing and Kundalini Reiki. You can read about these options here. As an illustration, a personalised package that included all 7 of the courses recommended above, would be £270 instead of £360 (saving £90 on the individual fees). To take a personalised package of these courses or your own selection, please email me.


If you would like to find out more about me, you may enjoy reading my personal blog here. This is my own little corner of the internet where I share my day to day updates, tarot readings for the Collective, articles, art and my creative projects.


Additionally, you can find Mayastar on Facebook here for daily quotes to inspire your spiritual path.


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Complete List of Courses Channelled by Maya (2004-2020)




Other sites Anna Louise May (Maya) | Mystic, Muse & Artist














































































































































































































Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki


In Usui Reiki there are three levels that are taught traditionally and the courses I run include the following at each level:


In Reiki I you are taught the basic techniques and positions for hands-on treatment both for yourself and others, as well as Reiki meditation methods. Following your attunement will be able to practice Reiki, giving healing treatments to yourself and others. There are four attunements at this level that are given in one powerful attunement.


In Reiki II you learn more advanced techniques that enable you to heal at a distance and specific treatment methods. You will also receive the first 3 sacred symbols that can be used for many purposes including mental and emotional healing. It is often said that the level of energy flow achieved following the Reiki II attunement is equivalent of up to four times that of the Reiki I.


Reiki III includes more advanced healing techniques and attunement at this level confers the ability to teach and attune others to use Reiki themselves. The Master Symbol, Reiki Kanjis and Reiju are taught. Dr Hayashi's treatment methods are also described. It is often said that the level of Reiki flow following the Master level attunement is equivalent of up to 10 times that of the Reiki I.


For more information on Reiki please follow this link…  


I have covered so much in the manuals that form the course that it's impossible to list everything that's included! But there are well over a hundred pages of material and these build into a complete 'Book of Reiki' – covering everything from 'The History of Reiki' to 'How to Perform Distance Attunements'.  There are four manuals all together – one for each level and a Teacher Manual that is sent after the Level III/Master attunement with details of how to attune others to the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system.


Course includes:

  • 7 attunements: 4 multi-level attunement at level I, then single attunements for levels 2 and 3

  • 4 detailed course manuals by Rev. Anna May (Maya) plus 1 info PDF featuring all the hand positions for treating others and self-healing in pdf format by email

  • eBook: "The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork” Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May. EXCLUSIVE to Mayastar Academy students and designed to support your learning process by including everything you could possibly need to know from a beginner; but with enough to inspire those with experience too! For details of the contents, please follow this link

  • A copy of the Mayastar Information Pack (includes information on working with animals, treating others, reading suggestions, info about starting a business, attunements, FAQs and much more!)

  • A copy of the complete Mayastar Syllabus including condensed information and prices for each course

  • The e-book "The Astonishing Power of Gratitude" by Wes Hopper

  • Your lineage details

  • All manuals and information delivered in PDF format by email

  • The option to further your achievement through Mayastar with accredited higher qualifications including Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Degrees & a Doctorate in Natural Healing & Spiritual Development Information here...

  • Eligibility to become a registered healer with INHA on completion of your course (if you choose to do this you can use the letters RH, INHA after your name)

  • Eligibility to become a registered metaphysician with WMA on completion of your course (if you choose to do this you can use the letters RM, WMA after your name)

  • Retention of your student record so that your achievement may be validated and confirmed in the future if required (for example, for insurance purposes or to verify a lineage)

  • Unlimited ongoing email support beyond the duration of your course

  • No time limits; you are encouraged to learn at your own pace and to enjoy the process!


  • none

Complete Usui Reiki Course (to Master/Teacher Level): £60






NOTE: I receive many requests for the Master Level attunement on its own from those who have already been attuned to level II by another Master. The most common reason for this are the high fees charged by some Masters for this level (sometimes hundreds of pounds). In view of the number of enquiries, I've decided to add

my response to this page....


"I feel it is more appropriate for Reiki II initiates to receive all the attunements from me as part of a complete course up to the Master Level.  There are a couple of reasons for this:  Firstly, some people claiming to attune to Usui Shiki Ryoho use variations on the original symbols and I have come across at least one person who doesn't use one of the symbols at all! Unless all three attunements were given by me, I couldn't provide certification to say that the student had completed the required instruction of a Reiki Master.



In addition to this, the attunements you receive preceding the Master Level will help us build up more of a rapport on the energy level, thereby facilitating the increased energy flow required for the Master Level attunement. 


In the case of someone who has been practicing Reiki II for some time, I would be prepared to do the first two attunements over a shorter period than if they were starting from the place of a complete beginner - but all three levels would be given."









Also see...

Lemurian Indigo Connections

Archangelic Flames

Crystal Rose

Violet Flame of Saint Germain

Ethereal Crystals

Universal Rays

Kundalini Reiki

Orb of Life




Below is a random selection of appraisals from

current & former Mayastar students. 

To read more, please follow this link...





 "'When first discovering Mayastar I had already completed Usui Reiki levels I and II, and had been working with Reiki for quite some time. I was very keen to continue my Reiki studies and experience, and to take the step to Reiki Master Level. I loved being re-attuned to levels I and II, this time with Maya, and this time in my own space, with my favourite candles, music, incense, and my choice of the perfect time. It was so relaxing, powerful, and such a beautiful, uplifting experience!

I was also amazed that even though I had been through both levels I and II Usui Reiki attunements in the past, and had been working with this energy for a number of years, I still went through the cleansing process after my my attunements with Maya! (This was in the form of a cold - for me a very rare occurrence!....and some very interesting dreams!) I found this very exciting and felt wonderful at the end of this process!

I am very impressed with the Mayastar manuals that I received for this course - much more information than I was given when first taking my Reiki courses. It is wonderful to have all of this extra information and teachings to use in my Reiki practice.

When it came time for me to receive my level III, Reiki Master attunement from Maya it was fantastic! I really feel an achievement and I am so grateful to have reached Usui Reiki Master level through Mayastar. Maya was very supportive throughout the course and it's great to know that her support is still there."  (JH, Australia)



"RE:  Ascension Reiki: I had the ar5 attunement on Friday and it was lovely and relaxing and I took your advice and have started to work with the energy on a daily basis. I gave a friend a treatments and there was a lot of heat coming off my hands - it felt so powerful and he commented that my hands were like infra red lamps radiating so much heat!

The recipient said he felt so warm and peaceful inside afterwards (he's prone to acute stress so this is quite rare for him) and it lasted a couple of days also the pain he had had in his left arm for 2-3 days had noticeably improved. I really can't believe it! I never thought I would be able to help someone in this way especially not this effectively for my 1st time - it must be the quality of your attunements!!

I'm careful not to let my ego take over (as I've noticed it trying to!) and remind myself this should be normal human practice it's what we're all supposed to be doing; helping and caring for one another because that is who we truly are.  I'm so pleased that you are helping me to realise and awaken this great feeling of love and compassion within myself - in just the past 5 days I've spent meditating and using Reiki daily I feel like a new person - so I owe you a huge thank you and hand on heart say that choosing Mayastar is one of the best decisions I've made for myself!

If I'm honest I was sceptical about distance attunements and the fact that they were offered at such a low price in comparison to other websites or people I know. I didn't really feel a great deal in my initial attunements but thought I would toodle along and see what happened.  And in the past 5 days where I have actually invested the time to work with the energy for a significant period have proved my initial reservations sooooo wrong - haha!

I just wanted to share what feels like a breakthrough experience for me and give you my sincerest thanks for bringing this opportunity to me and the many others out there who I'm sure will agree with me." (SP UK, OCT 2009)



"For Ascension Reiki: Prior to my course with Maya I had read a number of Reiki books, completed a Reiki 1 (in-person) course, had a video attunement for Reiki 2 and completed a correspondence course all from various sources. I was hoping to complete an in-person Reiki 2 & 3 course but these courses are very expensive and would involve travelling & 4+ days away from family making things rather costly.

Finding Maya while searching the internet I signed up for the course (with some reservation as to how & if it all might come together - me being on the other side of the world) and received emails almost immediately. The correspondence was like being in contact with a long lost friend and any doubts I had went straight out the window.

The reading material for this course is extensive but is easy to follow & the order in which things are covered makes great sense of how it (Reiki) all works.

Setting up attunements at regular intervals by the orb method worked fantastic – Maya would send an email when ready (always being on time) & I found these attunements to be as powerful - some even more so than in person.

Any questions regarding the course were answered very quickly. I enjoyed the course & believe it to be excellent value for money,
I’m very grateful to Maya for this course – it has been a life changing experience. Hugs & kisses from New Zealand!" (JM, NZ Oct 2009)



"Usui Reiki Master: Its been a year since I did my I and II reiki attunements and had basically put them on the shelf whilst studying another long term course when after June I just decided I need to put aside the study to finish off the reiki Master which has proved to be an amazing journey and experience for me taking me to places I never expected.

I really enjoyed doing the case studies as they really made me aware how wonderful reiki is and how much more I have to learn (I think doing case studies not only demonstrates to Maya our abilities and capabilities but made me more aware of what I was experiencing and how I was developing as a healer) - I know this is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Thank you Maya for being a part of that.

At first when I first took on Reiki I last year I was very sceptical to distant attunements but I have felt amazing things whilst receiving my attunement from out of body and colours, sense of peace to name a few so I am now passing on Maya's courses to all my friends.

The support and patience I have received from Maya has been amazing. She has always delivered when she said and let me know otherwise - she has been great inspiration and support - I know at anytime no matter how small my query she is always replying within a couple of days - Recommendation goes without saying and already there is a list of other courses I will be taking once year 2 of my course is complete." (BL, UK Sept 2009)





"I was blown away with the self love reiki attunement that I received last night. As soon as I called the attunement in, I had a wonderful rush of energy to the heart chakra. It made me feel very content and calm. That night I slept like a log and awoke feeling very relaxed and happy.





"I have taken at least 5 courses through Mayastar. I loved each one and that is why I am preparing to take more. I try to use all the courses on a daily basis incorporating each one into my life.

The material that goes along with the courses is informative, easy to follow and understand and written in a way that is easy to relate. The extras that you receive along with your course manual was excellent reading material and i found that I have quite a few 'Ah Ha' moments reading them. I made a point to read over my manuals numerous times and every time I found something that I missed before, there is so much knowledge.

I have had many in person attunements but the distance attunements were so different. I could feel the surge of energy flowing through my body. I found some of my distance attunements were more powerful than in person.
It is great that Maya is there with you every step of the way and interested in your progress. She is wonderful to get back to you through email quite quickly and to set up your attunements.





"I have myself done a number of courses through the Mayastar Website and have found that each and every course has been an incredible experience and has helped my development and growth in knowledge. The course materials are excellent and of a high standard. The manuals are very easy to follow and are full of information that helps you with the coursework.


The attunements I have received have always been an experience on their own, some more powerful than others and the energy always feels very pure to me. The support i have received afterwards has always been excellent. Any questions i have had have always been answered and it is nice to know that Anna is just an email away to help with any queries.

I highly recommend this website to anyone wishing to learn. This lady has been a very bright light to me and has helped me on my journey through this life. If i could sum up the Mayastar Academy in one word it would be 'Quality'" (NG, UK Nov 2009)




"I have received Reiki l and ll attunements from another source, but the Violet Flame attunement was particularly powerful for me. Just before the arranged time, I was prepared and relaxed, very soon I was surrounded by a violet light which permeated my entire being. It was as though I was being caressed by a favourite blanket, a feeling of security and love. This feeling stayed with me until long after the light began to fade. I often call on St Germain and the Violet flame to enhance my reiki treatments, but i find that it is also a wonderful treatment on its own." EE, UK



"I recently purchased the reiki course up to master level. I had previously been attuned to level one reiki by a different master, and approached the new course with an open mind but a level of skepticism. I had never heard of distance attunements before, and wondered whether I would actually feel anything. This skepticism was soon banished. The first attunement by Maya felt as tangible and real as my initial attunement, and the effects were undeniable. The second attunement was even more powerful, and I have been enjoying the effects and benefits ever since. While I await my level three attunement the support offered by Maya remains superb, and I feel she cares for me as an individual not just a customer. The information provided from the course package is fantastic and I have no complaints about any aspect of the service." MB, UK