Love is something everyone wants. Our culture, unfortunately, focuses mostly on romantic love as the end-all and be-all of love. What happens, then, is that we can become too focused and dependent on the “other” to give us love. We can become obsessed with relationships, expecting one person, a “soulmate,” to fulfill all of our needs. Whatever broken parts of ourselves we have, whatever holes in our hearts that need filling, we look to “the one” to solve the problem.

The problem with this type of expectation is that no other person can fill the void that is in your heart. If you are wounded because of your childhood (or perhaps even past lives), a “soulmate” may only trigger more issues for you. If this person leaves, then devastation and depression can occur.

True “love” does not come from without, but from within. By connecting to your spirit, and the love force within you, you will have an infinite supply of love. Your heart will be overflowing and you will not need someone else to give you love in order to feel good about yourself. Instead, you will have more love to give.


The Love Flushes help heal the wounds that block us from experiencing
the true love of the spirit. Benefits can include: