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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, New Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Ma'heo'o Reiki Master/Teacher, Lemurian Facilitator, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Ethereal Crystals Healing Master/Teacher, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Master/Teacher, Universal Rays Master/Teacher, Run Valdr Master/Teacher,

S.A.C. Dip (Crystal Healing Practitioner), S.A.C. Dip (N.L.P.), S.A.C. Dip (Hand Reflexology) S.A.C. Dip (Meditation), S.A.C. Dip (Colour Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Intra-Focal Therapy), S.A.C. Dip (Integrated Therapeutic Counselling)



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Weight Loss Reiki, Archangelic Flames, Rainbow Sequence Healing, Solar Goddess Radiance, Elemental Pentagram Empowerments, Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation, 2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections, Violet Flame of St Germain.




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"The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork" by Rev. Dr. Anna Louise May DD (Maya) is the fully illustrated, 220 page Mayastar Companion Guide Compendium eBook. It is issued exclusively with every Mayastar course. Follow this link for more details

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Abundance Encoding by Maya

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing Technique (exclusive course manual by Maya)

Amara Omni Empowerment

Angel Light Initiations

Angel Lightworker Program

Archangelic Flames by Maya   

Ascended Masters Attunements

Ascension Reiki Course 1-10
Avalonian Alignment Programme by Maya
Avalonian Ascension Connections by Maya
Avalonian Spectral Vibration Activations by Maya

Celestial Encodings 1-9 Complete Package (Pleiadian Attunements) by Maya

Chakra Healing Attunements

Colours of Angels

Crystal Rose Attunement by Maya

DNA Healing Reiki

Dolphin Heart Reiki

Elemental Pentagram & Magick Circle Empowerments by Maya  

Energy Anatomy Diploma (12 detailed assignments by Maya)

Ethereal Crystals Healing System (3 detailed exclusive course manuals by Maya)

Eye of Horus Activation

Fairy LightWorker Program

Full Spectrum Healing

Kundalini Activation/Kundalini Reiki (exclusive course manuals by Maya)  

Lemurian Facilitator (plus Seed Crystals 1-4 and New Lemurian Energy Program)           

Lemurian Indigo Connections by Maya

Ma'heo'o Reiki (Native American)

Magickal Crystal LightWorker

Magickal LightWorker Program

Magickal Shaman Lightworker

New Usui Reiki Energies

Orb of Life (exclusive course notes by Maya)  

Planets Attunement Package

Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunement Programme by Maya  

2012 Pleiadian White Light Connections 1-7 by Maya     

Protection Healing Orb

Psychic Protection Flame

Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique Attunement by Maya

Reiki (Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master with four exclusive course Manuals by Maya)   

Rún Valdr - healing & magic with the ancient Norse Runes (includes rune information supplemental manual by Maya)

Sacred Earth Reiki

Seven Facets Seichim

(Egyptian Reiki)                      

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Technique

Star of Avalon Ascension Connections Course by Maya   

Violet Flame of St Germain Attunement by Maya        

Weight Loss Reiki Attunements Course by Maya                 

Wheel of Love TM

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Comments & Appraisals of from Current and Previous Mayastar Students...


NOTE: These reviews are in no particular order as records weren't maintained of customer feedback until recently. You will therefore find all reviews here including those that are undated, or general, as well as the more recent ones that are related to specific courses.



Violet Flame: This empowerment is a useful tool not only in application but also in its information. This is a great system to learn due to its simplicity and the energies of using the violet flame are not only spiritual but also very practical in every area of life. The energy felt at the time of attunement was gentle and I certainly felt a lot of violet colour around me – a good indication that the violet flame attunement was being received and integrated. A worthwhile course, especially for those who are new to energy work – a must have as it’s a great tool for protection and cleansing. All course material is detailed and presented well and knowing that Maya is there to help should I have any questions was comforting. Thank you for the energies of the Violet Flame; I use it all the time and have encouraged others to do so!” (KN, UK Oct 2009)


“I received the Kundalini Reiki attunements from Maya last year and I can say that the energies that came from this modality were wonderful! I felt extreme warmth travelling up the back of my spine from the moment of the first attunement!! The energies kept rising and I could feel as though this rising energy was taking a lot of negativity/blockages up with it until it reached the crown and it was all released. This left me feeling lighter, energised and ‘freer’. I subsequently felt a lot more physical energy after all attunements and I try and work with the kundalini energies whenever possible. I will say that the energies from Kundalini Reiki are strong and ‘get the job done’, they are also received in a subtle way and always in accordance with the recipient’s higher self; truly wonderful energy and extremely useful to work with. The companion guides and the manual itself were very good and Maya’s lovely down-to-earth nature always made me feel secure and she was there to contact her should I need it. Thanks Maya.”   (KN, UK Oct 2009)


"I want to thank you for the beautiful "Violet Flame" attunement you sent me last week. It has been several days since I received it and I can still feel the energy working on me.

I have received many attunements from you and from other people. Yours have the clearest loving energy. I can tell that you love sending them as much as I love receiving them.

The ones that I have liked the must and has impacted my work the must is the "Ethereal Crystals" and the "Lemurian Seeds". I find myself using them so much and they have helped many to discover within them their Lemurian roots!

Thank you and God Bless you!" MT, US (Oct 2009)


"Mayastar Academy is an easy and accessible spiritual development website. The courses I took put my own healing ability into different perspective and understanding. Each course's material is easy to study and the attunements are scheduled whenever you ready to receive them. Mayastar's service is great!" (MM, US Oct 2009)


"RE:  Ascension Reiki: I had the ar5 attunement on Friday and it was lovely and relaxing and I took your advice and have started to work with the energy on a daily basis. I gave a friend a treatments and there was a lot of heat coming off my hands - it felt so powerful and he commented that my hands were like infra red lamps radiating so much heat!

The recipient said he felt so warm and peaceful inside afterwards (he's prone to acute stress so this is quite rare for him) and it lasted a couple of days also the pain he had had in his left arm for 2-3 days had noticeably improved. I really can't believe it! I never thought I would be able to help someone in this way especially not this effectively for my 1st time - it must be the quality of your attunements!!

I'm careful not to let my ego take over (as I've noticed it trying to!) and remind myself this should be normal human practice it's what we're all supposed to be doing; helping and caring for one another because that is who we truly are.  I'm so pleased that you are helping me to realise and awaken this great feeling of love and compassion within myself - in just the past 5 days I've spent meditating and using Reiki daily I feel like a new person - so I owe you a huge thank you and hand on heart say that choosing Mayastar is one of the best decisions I've made for myself!

If I'm honest I was sceptical about distance attunements and the fact that they were offered at such a low price in comparison to other websites or people I know. I didn't really feel a great deal in my initial attunements but thought I would toodle along and see what happened.  And in the past 5 days where I have actually invested the time to work with the energy for a significant period have proved my initial reservations sooooo wrong - haha!

I just wanted to share what feels like a breakthrough experience for me and give you my sincerest thanks for bringing this opportunity to me and the many others out there who I'm sure will agree with me." (SP UK, OCT 2009)


"For Ascension Reiki: Prior to my course with Maya I had read a number of Reiki books, completed a Reiki 1 (in-person) course, had a video attunement for Reiki 2 and completed a correspondence course all from various sources. I was hoping to complete an in-person Reiki 2 & 3 course but these courses are very expensive and would involve travelling & 4+ days away from family making things rather costly.

Finding Maya while searching the internet I signed up for the course (with some reservation as to how & if it all might come together - me being on the other side of the world) and received emails almost immediately. The correspondence was like being in contact with a long lost friend and any doubts I had went straight out the window.

The reading material for this course is extensive but is easy to follow & the order in which things are covered makes great sense of how it (Reiki) all works.

Setting up attunements at regular intervals by the orb method worked fantastic – Maya would send an email when ready (always being on time) & I found these attunements to be as powerful - some even more so than in person.

Any questions regarding the course were answered very quickly. I enjoyed the course & believe it to be excellent value for money,
I’m very grateful to Maya for this course – it has been a life changing experience. Hugs & kisses from New Zealand!" (JM, NZ Oct 2009)



"I took the "Magickal Sharman Course". I received the following manuals -

1. Syllabus Information
2. Energy, Anatomy, Aura Scanning
3. Mikao Usui, Energy Exchange
4. The Source of all and the multi-dimensional nature of the universe
5. Magical Sharman Light workers manual
6. Attunements and working with subtle energy
7. Light workers, Indigos, 2012 and the harmonic convergence
8. Quantum physics and the power of the mind
9. Mayastar information pack
10. The astonishing power of gratitude

I received my attunements by "orb of life/chi ball" which is a very good way of receiving an attunement. You can choose the best time when you will not be disturbed and when you feel spiritually ready.

When I received mine I felt very at peace and relaxed. As time went by, I started to have a strong sense of knowing and many of the things I have done in my life began to really fit in place.

Whenever I needed any help Maya was always just an e-mail away. My e-mails were always answered very quickly.

I really enjoyed the course very much. The manuals were very well written and extremely informative. I am a Reiki healer and this course has helped me to expand my knowledge, I have really grown as a person and as a healer becoming more intuitive and having a lot more understanding.
Maya is a very sincere person and it has been a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her courses to any one. It was excellent!!"

(VH, US Oct 2009)



"Re: Unicorn Healing System.


Thank you for the Unicorn attunement I recently received.

I felt an overwhelming peace and calmness entering through my third eye. I slept soundly and awoke feeling very relaxed and content.

The course information was easy to understand, and the beautiful certificate makes you feel like you have really achieved something.

Thank you again for your support and guidance given through email. It is always great to be able to talk to someone about how things go, and find someone who really understands." (ND, UK Oct 2009)



"Thank you Maya for the absolutely wonderful experience of having received the Angel Light Worker Program from you. I have found this to be an invaluable tool in my healing work, you are such a delightful teacher offering gentle guidance and tuition, all of which has contributed to this exceptional experience with The Mayastar Academy. The energy that you delivered via distance was incredible and the course work was thorough and very informative to say the least. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering further enlightenment. I look forward to continuing my spiritual advancement with you in further courses." (DJ Aus. OCT 2009)


"The materials I received were excellent and professional for both courses (Rainbow Sequence Healing & Lemurian Facilitator courses), they are very informative, easy to read and understand the content. I felt that the quality of your information was very good, and a complete beginner would find it very easy to follow. I also loved the art illustrations - they are very uplifting.

The Energy attunement I received was very good for the Rainbow Sequence Healing. As I read through your guidelines and got myself ready for the attunement, you had put me at ease, and I felt relaxed during the attunement, and experienced a lot on a subtle level sensation from head to toe and I found it was possible to actually feel the attunement working on me physically and on other levels too so thank you.  After I got up I felt full of energy and happy.

Thank you for your support as I felt that you were standing right there. I was totally guided and at ease at all times before and after the course. All your advice on the course content and for the attunement, and proper grounding and protection was very helpful.

The wide choice of courses on the Mayastar website is wonderful for people like myself that wish to educate higher spiritual level and practice more themselves spiritually and raise consciousness.


You're a wonderful spiritual practitioner. Your quality and customer service is top, and your quick response to emails is excellent, Thank you for a wonderful service to help humanity. (PK, UK OCT 2009)


"In a special and loving way, I received the Reiki Weight Loss Attunements through Mayastar Academy. The materials are thorough, abundant and so easily comprehensible. The energy itself was amazing. I was blessed with strong visions during my attunements, as it came from a place of light and love.


Maya provided such wonderful support; so easily open to all questions, comments and communications that you know you are embarking on this journey as a team which enhances the experience tremendously!


I continue to be successful with my attunements. I will be passing them on to clients as well as always benefiting from this myself. This way I am better able to help others....just as Maya does. We are al blessed to be part of this extraordinary opportunity." (MB, US OCT 2009)


"Magickal Crystal Lightworker Course: I was sent all the info that I needed to do the attunement and how to do the attunement.. It was very clear and easy to follow. I'm always getting the continuous support even after the attunements.


Since the attunements, my reiki energy is very strong, and when I do my long distance healing I get a 100 percent good feedback on the healing. I can feel the crystals alive in my hands when I use them.


 Maya is a very gifted individual. Of all the practitioners I have been attuned by she has been the best. I felt her energy right away.


All I can say is you have to experience it for yourself. She is well worth every penny and then some! Thank you Maya for your gifts. They are truly wonderful and greatly appreciated." (NA, US OCT 2009)



"Having received the Orb of Life from Mayastar Academy it has quite literally changed my life. I had no idea that the orb of life could be let’s say programmed to do so much. I can send it to whoever needs healing or clear negative energies from a heavy situation, person or environment, I use it to cleanse my chakras, and give protection.


When I received my distant attunement I was laying on the bed and I felt the energy flow through my body, my hands were throbbing with energy.


Maya you have always been a huge support and answered any of my enquiries quickly and efficiently so thank you kindly. I would like to add that your companion guides are fantastic. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you as a teacher to anyone considering doing a course through the Mayastar Academy. Thank you. (DJ Aus. Oct 2009)



"'When first discovering Mayastar I had already completed Usui Reiki levels I and II, and had been working with Reiki for quite some time. I was very keen to continue my Reiki studies and experience, and to take the step to Reiki Master Level. I loved being re-attuned to levels I and II, this time with Maya, and this time in my own space, with my favourite candles, music, incense, and my choice of the perfect time. It was so relaxing, powerful, and such a beautiful, uplifting experience!

I was also amazed that even though I had been through both levels I and II Usui Reiki attunements in the past, and had been working with this energy for a number of years, I still went through the cleansing process after my my attunements with Maya! (This was in the form of a cold - for me a very rare occurrence!....and some very interesting dreams!) I found this very exciting and felt wonderful at the end of this process!

I am very impressed with the Mayastar manuals that I received for this course - much more information than I was given when first taking my Reiki courses. It is wonderful to have all of this extra information and teachings to use in my Reiki practice.

When it came time for me to receive my level III, Reiki Master attunement from Maya it was fantastic! I really feel an achievement and I am so grateful to have reached Usui Reiki Master level through Mayastar. Maya was very supportive throughout the course and it's great to know that her support is still there."  (JH, Australia)



"Kundalini Reiki: I chose this course for two reasons the first being that it could be used with Ethereal Crystals and second from the reading the information on the website and speaking via email to Maya.

Top of page


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the course material especially seeing how versatile it is and how and when you can use it. My first attunement was amazing the warmth and love that I felt was surreal. I always received the attunement and course manuals on-time and concerns were always answered quickly. I use this one the most and combine it with Ethereal Crystals it is very powerful and very simple to use. Thank you so much xx

When I first stumbled upon Mayastar I was looking to develop my psychic ability and spirituality. Through doing the courses is has enhanced my life and enabled me to develop. In the early stages the website was not easy to understand and I emailed Maya who solved the problems and was very helpful.


Through the website and courses I have a true and honest friend and love to see what courses are available!" (AC, UK AUG 2008)


"Usui Reiki Master: Its been a year since I did my I and II reiki attunements and had basically put them on the shelf whilst studying another long term course when after June I just decided I need to put aside the study to finish off the reiki Master which has proved to be an amazing journey and experience for me taking me to places I never expected.

I really enjoyed doing the case studies as they really made me aware how wonderful reiki is and how much more I have to learn (I think doing case studies not only demonstrates to Maya our abilities and capabilities but made me more aware of what I was experiencing and how I was developing as a healer) - I know this is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Thank you Maya for being a part of that.

At first when I first took on Reiki I last year I was very sceptical to distant attunements but I have felt amazing things whilst receiving my attunement from out of body and colours, sense of peace to name a few so I am now passing on Maya's courses to all my friends.

Top of page

The support and patience I have received from Maya has been amazing. She has always delivered when she said and let me know otherwise - she has been great inspiration and support - I know at anytime no matter how small my query she is always replying within a couple of days - Recommendation goes without saying and already there is a list of other courses I will be taking once year 2 of my course is complete." (BL, UK Sept 2009)



"Magickal Crystal Lightworker: I was drawn to this course as a result of my reiki experience. I have been drawn to crystals for a while and they keep appearing in my visions throughout reiki - my interest grew more so when doing a reiki on a client who actually felt the power of the crystals. And knew that that was the path needed to be taken only to my amazement that Maya was offering just the course I was really drawn to at the right time. I am on a continuing journey with the crystals and know they will heighten any therapy I offer.

Again her attunements were well received exactly as she said I would and her support was next to none - once again I was proven that distant attunements really do work strengthening my belief in the power of thought - I have a lot to thank Maya for in my development as a healer and will definitely be taking more courses on as well as passing her courses on to others and attuning others - Maya you are amazing - thank you." (BL, UK Aug 09)


"Amara Omni Initiation: The course and the material is truly beautiful, the images are out of this world, this course helped me truly to come into the heart and to trust that all is in divine order.

The attunement with Maya was truly beautiful, I felt very uplifted and peaceful after the attunement. Maya emailed me after the attunement and asked me how I went, which showed me her compassion and support.

Mayastar is truly a wonderful organisation to connect with and learn how to see the bigger picture."  (OMJ, US Oct 09)


Top of page


"I have not yet been blessed with one of your great classes or readings yet, but this is what I have to say, unlike everyone else, you listened, you did not judge, you took in information, and gave me real information I could actually use, and you did so right away and answered my e-mails right away. It was totally refreshing, and all for free. I can't thank you enough for that, no one else has treated me that way, I am so grateful for your help with the Circle of Healers and the info on rate exchange, as I stated before all this, I am very grateful for your extremely generous, and efficient approach, a very rare find these days. Your students are so lucky" (SC, UK)

This review was sent in by a lady who contacted Maya with a sensitive and personal matter and though strictly unrelated to Mayastar courses, we  we were still able to assist her with advice and support in the form of the Circle of Healers Group.



"I have been working in the field of healing for many years, always wanting and needing more knowledge, as I grow deeper into the energy healing system. I have work with a few of Maya’s courses and found that her attunements are very powerful. The vibrations in the Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing were magnificent. I must say that her distance attunements are powerful then any hands on attunements that I have received in the past.


She gives you an adequate amount of course information plus extras and the fact that her prices are reasonable with special offer always going on I fine that wonderful especially for this time that we are in.


I enjoy her emails they have a very calming energy with in them and she has always been there. I also like the fact she has a varieties of courses.
In the past been attuned to different energy lineages of healing and I think at this time I will continue to study under Maya."

(HPS Silvermoon USA, Oct 2009)



"Ama Deus Shamanic Healing: The course and the material I received from Maya is truly exquisite. The course has helped me a lot in visualising and healing myself and others, the manual is very informative and simple to read.

The energy attunement with Maya was truly beautiful and I felt every bit of it as I am quite sensitive, I felt very empowered and peaceful at the
completion of the attunement.

Top of page

Maya was extremely supportive and always emailed me after each attunement to see how it went and was there for me for any questions I needed answers for. Mayastar is truly a very pristine and supportive organisation helping always whenever I have questions regarding courses I am taking, I highly recommend anyone wishing to open up to universal oneness and empowerment to connect with Maya and Mayastar." (OK, US Oct 2009)



"Kundalini Reiki: The course and the manual is very informative and has so many different ways of healing, so it covers all areas of healing which is excellent. The attunements for the course were very beautiful, my head would lift for each attunement and my heart would open, I truly felt that in each attunement.

Maya emailed me after each attunement with support and an open heart to listen to any questions I had, thank you Maya.

Mayastar is a very efficient organisation in answering my emails as a student whenever I had a question." (OMJ, US Oct 09)


"I was supplied with the Ajna Activation. Upon studying the course for awhile, I had to admit to you I was ready for it yet and had no understanding of it at all. It just didn't feel right. I also received some companion guides with it. You were kind enough to let me trade that course for the Intuition & Enorasis course at no additional money. I took about 2 weeks to get my 7 days in a row. After quite some consideration, you said I could "tailor make" the preparations to suit me. I also received companion guides with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed being attuned to this energy.

I got attentive support; my emails to you were always answered fast, not to mention your reassuring words. I appreciated all the companion guides and I'll keep all of them for future use. I appreciated this extra information to help me fill in the blanks of the manual." (GH, US - Oct 2009)


"I have taken many Mayastar courses this year, and have found them all to be such a blessing and so valuable to me on my journey as a Lightworker.  I was particularly amazed by the Kundalini Reiki course, especially the attunements - so powerful!  Such a fantastic and simple energy to work with!  I have noticed a definite and strong increase in the healing energy I am channelling, and I am also feeling fantastic!

All of the Mayastar course manuals are great to work with, filled with all the information needed without being overloaded and complex.  Maya is a beautiful teacher and her energy is inspiring!  Her replies to e-mails are always very fast - sometimes within minutes!  I am looking forward to my continued studies with Mayastar and recommend these courses to anyone."
(JH, Australia - Oct 2009)


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"I was blown away with the self love reiki attunement that I received last night. As soon as I called the attunement in, I had a wonderful rush of energy to the heart chakra. It made me feel very content and calm. That night I slept like a log and awoke feeling very relaxed and happy.

The course is very easy to understand and remember, and the email support given is excellent. Emails are answered very quickly and Maya is always keen to know how your experience went."

(ND, UK - Oct 2009)



"Ethereal Crystals: You get to master and experience a huge variety of crystals. You can practice different techniques and use crystal grids one of my favourites were making gem elixirs. The manual gives you huge detail of how to use crystals in different ways. I found the course detail very thorough and it is good that you can digest at your own pace.


I received very good support as sometimes I was uncertain and needed clarity. When I was reading the manuals I would have questions or I wouldn't understand something. I had a problem with my computer and lost all my manuals, I emailed Maya and she responded quickly and sent me them in an attachment.


I practice on myself and had fun using the formations where I have practised so much I can feel the effect of doing treatments on individuals. Even now I am still learning new things from the crystals that was done nearly a year ago!"  (AC UK, AUG 08)



"I have myself done a number of courses through the Mayastar Website and have found that each and every course has been an incredible experience and has helped my development and growth in knowledge. The course materials are excellent and of a high standard. The manuals are very easy to follow and are full of information that helps you with the coursework.

The attunements I have received have always been an experience on their own, some more powerful than others and the energy always feels very pure to me. The support i have received afterwards has always been excellent. Any questions i have had have always been answered and it is nice to know that Maya is just an email away to help with any queries.

I highly recommend this website to anyone wishing to learn. This lady has been a very bright light to me and has helped me on my journey through this life. If i could sum up the Mayastar Academy in one word it would be 'Quality'" (NG, UK Nov 2009)



"I can highly recommend the Mayastar courses. I had already been attuned to reiki 1 & 11 elsewhere before undertaking this course but found the distance attunements worked just as well as those I received in person. I was very aware of the energies surrounding me & saw a myriad of colours during attunement. I found the course content very in depth & Maya was very friendly & answered my emails promptly. Very pleased with course overall & hope to continue my development with Mayastar". (SG, UK - Oct 2009)

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"Mayastar academy makes learning a pleasure. The course material that I received was easy to understand and very detailed. I received the relevant information for the spiritual animal healer program plus additional energy healing information provided by Mayastar academy. The course helps to enhance your ability to communicate with animals. It helps to heal animals on a physical level, emotional level, and behavioral level. It also helps you to heal the natural environment and habitats of wild animals through meditation. When it is time for your beloved pet to pass on, this course helps you to cross the pet over. This course is a must for animal lovers, as well as professionals that work with animals. The spiritual animal healer program really give you a deeper understanding of animals.

The energy attunements that I received for the Spiritual animal healer program were strong and effective. (as were all the others that I have done) My own pets are proof that the attunements to this program worked.

I received all the online support that I needed. Any questions that I had were quickly answered. Maya has always helped me through things that I didn’t understand. I was able to go on to complete a Mayastar diploma on the subject because I had the help that I needed.

I would like to say that if anyone has any doubts that Reiki can be learned distantly, try a course with Mayastar academy. There is something for everyone who would like to learn energy healing. I feel privileged to have learned this program. Thank you Maya!" (DR, US - Oct 2009)


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"I would like to thank you for the orb of life. I can honestly say the energy I have received is amazing and definitely works! As soon as I received my orb I felt a strong tingling sensation which you gradually get used to, as your body accepts this wonderful new energy. However, if you ask the orb to help heal a friend, you definitely notice the difference and eagerly await it's return.

The course content was excellent, and very easy to understand. The support that Maya gave me was second to none, she is very approachable and caring, and genuine. Emails are answered quickly and personally.


I would have no hesitation in buying further courses and would recommend Maya to everyone!" (ND, UK - Oct 2009)






"I can highly recommend the Mayastar courses. I had already been attuned to reiki 1 & 11 elsewhere before undertaking this course but found the distance attunements worked just as well as those I received in person. I was very aware of the energies surrounding me & saw a myriad of colours during attunement. I found the course content very in depth & Maya was very friendly & answered my emails promptly. Very pleased with course overall & hope to continue my development with Mayastar"

(SG, UK - Nov 2009)

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" I have taken at least 5 courses through Mayastar. I loved each one and that is why I am preparing to take more. I try to use all the courses on a daily basis incorporating each one into my life.

The material that goes along with the courses is informative, easy to follow and understand and written in a way that is easy to relate. The extras that you receive along with your course manual was excellent reading material and i found that I have quite a few 'Ah Ha' moments reading them. I made a point to read over my manuals numerous times and every time I found something that I missed before, there is so much knowledge.

I have had many in person attunements but the distance attunements were so different. I could feel the surge of energy flowing through my body. I found some of my distance attunements were more powerful than in person.
It is great that Maya is there with you every step of the way and interested in your progress. She is wonderful to get back to you through email quite quickly and to set up your attunements.

I have had such a great experience through Mayastar and continue to open my mind to the possibilities of new courses and energies.
Thanks for making a school like yours exist."

(LD, Canada - Oct 2009)


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"As far as Mayastar courses go...well I love them. I am so interested in all of them I wasn't sure where to begin and which ones are relevant to each other. it is a bit overwhelming for someone like me who is open to all things. But to me it is a bit strange that there are so many different types of reiki and i believe that u can do all those different type of reiki all in the one traditional Usui reiki.

On my specific courses at the moment that are relevant to the work I am doing now. I've had a calling for reiki healing for more than a year and kundalini reiki though I never heard of it because I am taking courses to become a kundalini yoga teacher I thought it to be relevant and useful. the materials for these courses are very in depth, to the point and helpful and great guidance tools.

As far as feedback as far as support goes. always very personal and same day answers :)

Keep doing what you're doing girl. The reason why I picked you out of all the other people who are doing distant and personal attunements is because I like the things you write about on your website and somehow even through the internet I could pick up your high vibrations.


I have similar perceptions and ideas about what you write and its people like you who inspire people like me because I one day will be as well helping those and healing who need to be guided into the transformations that are soon to come." (AO, UK - Oct 2009)

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"Maya, you're an inspiration" DS, UK








"I took the Kundalini reiki course from Maya.

I find that Kundalini reiki is a gentle energy compared to others I have taken, but that said that I also find it is quite powerful to work with.

The two course manuals I received were both very informative, detailed and easy to understand. The first manual covers from the history of reiki, to the Kundalini fire meditation. I use this modality most day's for self healing. I have also used it for distance healing. The second manual you receive after having passed the course is the master teacher manual. Again very detailed and informative. I always prefer the call in method or "chi ball" for my attunement's. I found that this one in particular was so relaxing, so much so I slept for hours after it, and for me that is unusual.




Throughout the entire course, the support I received from Maya, was second to none. She is only an email away, and always replies within 24 hours. I have known her to respond within the hour. Any help you need you can guarantee she is their to help." (BJ, UK - Oct 2009)



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"I recently purchased the reiki course up to master level. I had previously been attuned to level one reiki by a different master, and approached the new course with an open mind but a level of scepticism. I had never heard of distance attunements before, and wondered whether I would actually feel anything. This scepticism was soon banished. The first attunement by Maya felt as tangible and real as my initial attunement, and the effects were undeniable. The second attunement was even more powerful, and I have been enjoying the effects and benefits ever since. While I await my level three attunement the support offered by Maya remains superb, and I feel she cares for me as an individual not just a customer. The information provided from the course package is fantastic and I have no complaints about any aspect of the service." MB, UK





"I have loved every course I've taken through Mayastar.  Each one has taken me a step closer on my spiritual path.  I'm grateful to Maya for her dedication and hard work which really shows in the quality of her courses." MB, UK






"Mayastar is such a brilliant website! I have done lots of different courses with Mayastar and Maya is wonderful and a great lightworker!" CT, UK







“Just some thoughts about my attunement. I placed some crystals around and on me and had some music playing. As I relaxed into meditation I felt a strong warm sensation in my third eye. It was amazing and I saw a vivid violet colour. This continued for quite a while. The crystals around my head were particularly warm even though they had not been on my skin. It was a great experience.” - SM (Australia)




"Although I have been attuned before and used Reiki, I definitely felt more from the distance attunement The strength of the Reiki energy feels much greater." - Cheryl, UK



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"I have called in my Reiki attunement and am enjoying using it already! I just want to thank you for offering such detailed and informative courses, all my questions were fully answered already in the manuals and the suggested preparations for the attunements has made me feel fully ready and so much more confident now. Thank you so much Anna!! I really feel like I have found myself." Tammie, Australia







"At first I was a little sceptical about this course, as I know someone who had paid a great deal more elsewhere for Reiki 1 & 2 but I really enjoyed the attunements. As you advised I started to meditate to prepare myself for the attunement. I held some amethyst whilst doing this. When I was ready I called in the attunement. At first all I noticed was a pulsating energy through my body & a tingling in my hands but this is not unusual as this what I usually feel when channelling Reiki. After a while I thought I started to experience vivid swirling colours predominantly turquoise, purples & bright white light. These colours began to form a sort of tunnel of colours coming towards me with a bright light at the end. This went on for some time although it felt like seconds. I didn't want to leave this state as it felt so good.  Afterwards I did some self healing & then fell asleep. My dreams that night were very like the attunement with swirling colours in them. Since having the New Usui Reiki attunements my healing has become much stronger. I would now like to carry on & do Kundalini, Gold & Inner Light Reiki to further enhance my healing abilities."  SG, UK



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  “What an amazing experience...ty :-) I felt an emotional release then was filled with such happiness and contentment. Thank You So Much” - JC (UK)







"I have just recently purchased some of these amazing courses and I am thrilled. They are very clear and concise and Maya is really helpful and loving. I felt supported and made to feel very welcome. I would highly put Mayastar high on your list if you're looking for good course content with the added support. You will be spoilt for choice and will want to do everything and if you do then there is an option to do everything and spread the cost too. I am now in a position to give healing to others and it's all thanks to Mayastar." MF, UK



“I have studied with other Shamans in the past but this was quite the different aspect of Shamanism, which in fact I enjoy very much. It also helped refresh and point out many connections to the paths of life and the Universe force. I also enjoyed and understood the way you explain connecting with different energies for matters and how to corporate them into tools for healing. This was a wonderful refreshment course for me. I must say that the attunements for Shamballa 1&2 were very electrifying and I was actually able to sense the energy. I know have a new guide or he could have been with me but I never was able to sense him before"

SM, US (2009)


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"I can't speak highly enough of Maya and Mayastar. Maya is always there to help and guide, and her beautiful energy is inspiring. Maya and Mayastar have been a big part of my spiritual growth." SC, Australia



"I would like to give a personal testimonial with regard to Mayastar. I have taken quite a few courses through Mayastar Academy and have known Maya for some little time now and have always found Maya to be a genuinely caring person who will help any student with any problem they have, treats every one as an individual and genuinely cares about the dreams and aspirations of her students. She is an all round wonderful individual who takes the time to help anyone she can with anything they need and puts a lot a time and effort in helping people outside her students i.e working with the healing list she updates every month and circulates to her Yahoo Group. May she long continue to carry on this very important work, I feel honoured to have met such a wonderful kind and gifted soul!"  Bishop Ann Cox



"I have just recently purchased some of these amazing courses and I am thrilled. They are very clear and concise and Maya is really is really helpful and loving. I felt supported and made to feel very welcome. I would highly put Mayastar high on your list if you're looking for good course content with the added support. You will be spoilt for choice and will want to do everything and if you do then there is an option to do everything and spread the cost too. I am now in a position to give healing to others and it's all thanks to Mayastar." MF, UK

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"Mayastar is such a brilliant website! I have done lots of different courses with Mayastar and Maya is wonderful and a great lightworker!" CT, UK



"What a wonderful spirit, full of love, light, passion and generosity. If only the universe was filled with more earth angels like Maya. As we attempt to use everything and everyone we meet as a teacher, Maya is more than happy to help you learn in whichever way you need. Always friendly, always open and always honest. What more could we ask of anyone?...What more should we make of ourselves? Thank you for everything you have done and everything you continue to do." JR, UK



"I've just become a student of Mayastar and am very excited at learning more about Shamanic beliefs and practices. I've only exchanged a few emails with Anna but she's been very warm, friendly and helpful. A great way to learn." CR, UK



"I first came across the Academy through the auspices of eBay and began trying out the courses offered by the Academy with more than a little interest and with a little trepidation at first but I had no need to worry. The quality of the courses, the range and course material which the Academy offers has increased more and more over the course of the last few months and the range of courses offered is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Academy to any of my friends and colleagues." AC, UK



"Well where does one start? With a huge list of possible courses, the option of making your own course package and then the chance of a discount under the right circumstances...what more could any budding student wish for? It is a true delight to learn with Mayastar with their wide range of learning, their rapid, personal responses from Maya, the accreditations, the knowledge that the learning you receive will be directed on a personal level with the beautiful way it has been written. A truly fantastic learning establishment and a welcome return every time you visit." James, UK

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"Although I have been attuned before and used Reiki, I definitely felt more from the distance attunement The strength of the Reiki energy feels much greater." - Cheryl, UK



"I recently purchased the reiki course up to master level. I had previously been attuned to level one reiki by a different master, and approached the new course with an open mind but a level of skepticism. I had never heard of distance attunements before, and wondered whether I would actually feel anything. This skepticism was soon banished. The first attunement by Maya felt as tangible and real as my initial attunement, and the effects were undeniable. The second attunement was even more powerful, and I have been enjoying the effects and benefits ever since. While I await my level three attunement the support offered by Maya remains superb, and I feel she cares for me as an individual not just a customer. The information provided from the course package is fantastic and I have no complaints about any aspect of the service." MB, UK



"I was very comfortable with the course, and I have enjoyed working through the manuals. The attunements went really well, I feel that the last one I had was very calming and I felt very peaceful (I still do now), the waves of colours, shapes and warm glowing and tingling sensations. The information you gave was excellent and I will be looking forward to doing more work with you in the near future." NG, UK


"Overall I have enjoyed the entire Reiki course from the beginning to the end. The support and feedback is in my opinion first class.  Once again thank you for your guidance and I look forward to doing more courses with you." Nigel, UK

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"I took the Violet Flame course with Mayastar some while ago, and the wonderful effects of this course and attunement remain with me. The course material is very simple but thorough, and the attunement one of the most powerful I have ever received. The effect of taking this course is that it has increased my energy levels, helped with healings when other things have not been as useful, and it has helped me progress on my spiritual path at a rate I can't explain! Thanks again for making this course available to us, and I recommend Mayastar wholeheartedly. Maya teaches with compassion and unconditional love at all times." Cheryl, UK



"I have received Reiki l and ll attunements from another source, but the Violet Flame attunement was particularly powerful for me. Just before the arranged time, I was prepared and relaxed, very soon I was surrounded by a violet light which permeated my entire being. It was as though I was being caressed by a favourite blanket, a feeling of security and love. This feeling stayed with me until long after the light began to fade. I often call on St Germain and the Violet flame to enhance my reiki treatments, but i find that it is also a wonderful treatment on its own." EE, UK



“Thank you so much for the wonderful Violet Flame attunement. Gosh! Where do I start! I then prepared to receive the attunement from you.  I also held amethyst spheres in each hand. I started to feel cold sensations all over my body.  Suddenly I felt warmth about my shoulders and saw a cloak of purple velvet being placed around me.  The warmth permeated my whole being. This was such a wonderful experience and I feel so at peace. Thank you again.” - JB (UK)



"I just wanted to give you some feedback on the AAP Empowerments.  I have taken all 8 so far.  Following my receiving the empowerment prior to reading the manual, I ended up doing that with the last three as well.  The exact area in which the manual dealt with was the area that I felt the empowerment.  I just want to thank you for such a great program.  I hope that others will avail themselves of this program as well because it is tremendously powerful."

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"What a wonderful spirit, full of love, light, passion and generosity. If only the universe was filled with more earth angels like Maya. As we attempt to use everything and everyone we meet as a teacher, Maya is more than happy to help you learn in whichever way you need. Always friendly, always open and always honest. What more could we ask of anyone? What more should we make of ourselves? Thank you Maya for everything you have done and everything you continue to do." JR, UK



“What an amazing experience...ty :-) I felt an emotional release then was filled with such happiness and contentment. Thank You So Much” - JC (UK)



"I have taken the Lemurian Indigo Connection course which I have found very helpful in my private practice and with my own connection to this part of my life.  Thank you so much.  I remember being activated with the 5th dimensional Energies of Light.  It was a great experience of colour and consciousness.   I feel more connected with higher level vibrations since then." Steven, US

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“There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills

countless ideas and splendid plans: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one

that never otherwise would have occurred . . .

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe